Skills Camps

Southern Utah’s slick rock mesas are the perfect place to learn and improve your bike handling skills. Gooseberry Mesa, Little Creek Mesa, Guacamole Mesa and the new Wire Mesa Trail are areas we will ride on this 5 day skills camp.

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Bike Trips overseas

Exploring and travel in a foreign country on a bicycle is a great way to meet the locals, exprience a new culture up close and safe in a group with organized lodging and luggage transfer in all of our international destinations.

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Bike packing camps

Southern Utah and the Kaibab National Forest is a perfect location for our bike packing clinics. Learn how to travel lightweight on multi day trips, what to carry and how to pack, what foods are easily prepared on a camp stove, hydration, how to make water safe, learn about bike packing routes, destinations, using a GPS for navigation etc.

Bike packing camps in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona take place in the spring and fall.

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